Chatroulette reallife

chatroulette reallife

30 Oct RealmPictures' concept was to build an immersive first person shooter level, and let unsuspecting people on Chatroulette take control of the. 21 Aug The best thing to come out of Chatroulette since the. 3 Nov Chatroulette used to be the place where you learned about human anatomy, but has now become the home of Real Life First Person Shooter.


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Chatroulette reallife -

But rather than just making a video, they took to Chatroulette yup, it's still going and let real people control the outcome. The result is one amazing video showing the various choices each person made and how it played out in the real-world game. Things like barricaded one ghetto that we know so well from games are used to great effect to keep the experience fairly linear. chatroulette reallife

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