Boyfriend cum in mouth

boyfriend cum in mouth

16 Nov For one, it feels much better when we cum in your mouth, often better than regular sex. .. I really enjoy when my boyfriend cums in my mouth. Apparently, some men freaking love it when women let them cum in their mouths, my boyfriend included. I found the experience to be a little bit. My BF of 3 years wants to cum into my mouth and on my face but it really groesses me out. I've tried to tell him nicely but he said this is the.

Boyfriend cum in mouth -

As I mentioned, sexuality increases bonding, so why would you, once you realize that, not want it? I see your point, but knowing that you give the guy the best feeling in the world, doesn't that take off a lot of the "degrading-ness"? It's also been shown in numerous studies that sexuality is very important for gay hunks squirting which is btw why Platonic relationships essentially never work . boyfriend cum in mouth

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